I thought it time to again report what I find interesting in our sport.

Since August, Qualifiers have been held in Victoria and Poco, all successful. First, the weather at all the matches was perfect with Victoria being a bit warmer than Poco but it IS Fall;) Good turnouts at all matches making them a success for the clubs and IPSC BC.

You can/should read the After Match Reports (AMR) that come out and are posted in Member Forums, Match Related, Match Information. Victoria is posted, Poco to follow soon. I am finding these AMR are giving some insight into things to make a Match Director’s(MD) job easier. The MD has his/her hands full with course design, construction, squadding, food, sponsors, etc. and the more we can help each other to better events, everyone wins.

Victoria had arranged some prize draws for those present at awards. Pays to stay around not only for some goodies but also for the camaraderie. It is a nice touch when a big prize, like a gun, is awarded, you don’t have to be there to win. With the travel many of us have to attend, it is a nice thank you.

Another nice thank you is frequent target changes. Every 3 or 4 squads should have fresh targets. Of course, if the scoring lines are obliterated, then a change is good. This may occur with small, partial, hard cover or No-Shoot target arrays. FYI, there is an IPSC Target Array book, April 2015. It is under the forum, Match Related, Match Director Resources. It will guide MD and course designers to get it right the first time and save them time and frustration. Thanks to Winston M for posting it.

Here are some interesting things that came out of the Poco match.

Four shots, two scoring both targets. Try THAT on purpose and strong hand only too;)
Lots of fun squads at Poco and some old guy on a bike;

That bike saved some many miles of walking. Range #6 ROs had a plot to wait until I was as far away as possible, Range #1, before they called me for a ruling or confirmation. Four times, really! Good exercise and no Gordian Knots to cut, just confirm the call was correct.

You will notice some of the members sporting those snappy new IPSC BC caps with their names on the back. You can order one too, check the Forum, Marketplace, Buy and Sell for info on how to order.

The Poco crew continually learn how to improve their matches. They are receptive to learning how to improve stage design and logistics to make their matches better. One thing many MDs need to do is read, and follow, the House Rules found under the heading Member Information, IPSC BC Documents. There really is a lot of good info on our pages and being aware of them helps us all understand why we do what we do and how.

The 2018 Membership Application is now posted for your completion. Save $10 and send it in before Dec15.2017. That helps our Membership Chair, Marcy K, get ahead of the rush in January. Thank you in advance for rejoining and supporting our sport.

The next major project is the BoD meeting Nov05.2017. The Agenda is VERY large and it will be a long working weekend. That’s the bad news. The good news is the BoD is a very dedicated and resourceful bunch. They will develop and incorporate the processes for 2018 to guide us all to another banner year of shooting IPSC.

Murray “DOC” Gardner
Section Coordinator