Apparently I have been busy;)

Nothing posted here since September. I have a ton of poor excuses so I won’t bother you with them but I HAVE been busy as has our BoD. Sit down, this is long:->


Great match with a stage that conquered my stage design challenge to incorporate a moving target that did NOT disappear. If you knew your skills, you could shoot the movers for a higher Hit Factor or just shoot the steel targets. Brilliant and kudos to those involved. Keep that up!

This match showed what dedication and attention to detail will result in an outstanding event. Our Kamloops crew, with much help from Nick K who seemed to dedicate his time to helping Kamloops do such a great job. Thanks to all.

The AGM was pivotal and I am so proud of our members for attending. There were 125 members, the largest I can remember ever seeing. The constitution and bylaws were worked through and finalized in time as required by government. They are posted on our web page. We will have to review them again in 2019 but it won’t be as taxing. And, at the end, thanks to Tiger Arms in Poco, we gave away a gun. Some people, not me, have great luck at these draws.

Our hosts provided one of the best prize tables I have seen in ages. The worst part of the prize table was me not being able to participate in it. Matched my trips to the trophy table;) To shadow the great prizes, the buffet was over the moon. You should, by now, know I LIKE food a lot. This did not disappoint.


Soon after in September, Prince George held their Qualifiers. Snow the first day challenged our ability to work under such conditions but everyone prevailed and Day 1 wrapped up. Day 2 the Weather Goddess was kinder and we were able to tie off soon enough to get on the road to be home the same day. Prince George’s new ranges show considerable investment in the venue. PG had their bid for the 2020 Provincials accepted by the BoD. By 2020, they should have a smooth running machine to host that prestigious event.


Poco hosted the next two Qualifiers for  2019 in early Oct and that ended matches for calendar 2018.

Matches started at Poco in 2019 with the Weather Goddess being kind. Full house as always in Metro/Valley, sold out in around 12 hours! The next match at TMSA, Level 3, saw what I believe to be the solution to matches selling out in hours; one match over two days to accommodate over 200 shooters.

Victoria held successful double Qualifiers, sells out as always. Stages had some newbie friendly stages and other crushing whatever your experience.

Trail in the Kootenays kept up with double Qualifiers along with Terrace in the North. Qualifier season is about to explode from the end of June at TMSA with every weekend until July21. This includes a return to Salmon Arm, resurrecred by Dave and Betty-Ann H. Then to always fun Nanaimo followed by Williams Lake. Take a weekend off and on to Nationals in QC-WHEW!


The BoD had their annual meeting late October which was another success. The Policy & Procedures Manual moved ahead with AGM changes and other modifications. Reports from committees, improvements in procedures, 2019 planning and more was successfully accomplished to move us into the coming year.

The BoD continues to hold monthly video meetings that have proven very valuable in communication and getting things done. My sincere thanks to not only our BoD members but our new Secretary, Christine V, for setting them up and documenting the results.

Minutes for BoD meetings up to May14.19 are posted online.

Be certain to cc your ZD and SC, me, on ANY emails you send, thanks.


In 2018 and at the start of 2019 we held more RO Courses and a first-in-a-long-time, CRO Course. These courses increased our knowledge of the rules and grew our officials to around 150 up almost 50% from 2017.

There was a Training Course(Black Badge) Instructors(TCI) Seminar followed by a TCI Course that saw another 7 candidates raising our cadre to 25 TCI. Delivery of this all important component should see us have even more members than ever.

There is one more RO Course planned for Nov


Our teams are preparing for Nationals at the first time, ever, at Valcartier QC. Jay H stepped up and steered team uniforms to completion. That’s what makes me realize how many talented and dedicated people we have in this organization.


Are in full swing as of this writing.

Chris Y has always helped with this and this year Geoff F stepped up to help manage the nominations and now the voting for SC for two years. Candidates are

Brady, Ron

Engh, Rob

See the forums for their submissions on why they believe they deserve your vote. Pick one and VOTE! Not voting eliminates you from being part of the solution.

All Zone Directors were by acclimation.

Zone Directors for one year, 2019-2020, are

Island              Glen Smith

Metro Van       Brock Edwards

Kootenay         Mike Angrignon

Zone Directors for two years, 2019-2021 are

Northern         Egan Wuth

Fraser Valley   Randy Fisher

Okanagan        Geoff House

The next election for the one year terms will then be two years so there is always an overlap of half the BoD for continuity.

I continue for 2 years as Past SC.


As of this writing, we have 703 members, the largest total ever. Thanks to everyone who made us that successful. And thanks to Bill W for so adeptly handling the Membership Coordinator position when it was passed to him by Marcy K after her hard work in that role for years.


Our hosts will be Poco headed by Adam B and Alastair H. They are planning to knock it out of the park so be there. There is still room. The entry fee is higher than usual but the return to the members will be above and beyond. Get registered on Practiscore. You can self squad with your pals and look to a great year end event.


I will have my year end report for the AGM at Poco, Sat, Aug30.19, 7pm, along with all year end reports from ZD, committees, etc. There will be minor refreshments and…a gun draw at the end of the meeting. The gun is a SIG Sauer P226 Legion, $1500 value, generously donated, as always, from Tiger Arms, Poco BC. Visit them and tell them you are an IPSC BC member.

(I have been, unsuccessfully, trying to upload a picture of this gun, look it up onlilne:(

That should keep you tuned up until next time, hopefully not six months:->>