I hope everyone has been getting out to the range getting in practice for next year, we are working with reps from ViaSport to come up with a workable solution to hosting matches in 2021 as it seems that the new Covid based restrictions will be in place for next season as well, and likely longer if health officials are to be believed. That means some changes will be coming in how things are run, but we will adapt, and we will get back on the range!

The BOD met tonight and decided to reduce the renewal fee for all current 2020 members for the upcoming 2021 season from $85 to $45. As IPSC BC has fixed costs for insurance and membership in IPSC itself, we needed to ensure that we don’t take a loss for the 2021 membership year. New memberships and people renewing from 2019 will be at the full rate. Renewal notices will be going out reflecting the changes.

Another area of discussion has been what do we do with Black Badge students that have been unable to complete their qualifications, this affects students from 2019 and early 2020, the BOD has decided that 2020 is simply the year that didn’t exist. Moving all qualification dates forward 1 year. However, we do recognize that people will have lost some skills and knowledge during the long downtime since their courses or last match (for those who have stale dated as competitors), as such we will be reaching out to those affected individuals and offering a 1 day evaluation course, at IPSC BC’s expense, to make sure those people are up to speed and able to safely qualify at a match in 2021. This course will be required before registering for any Qualifiers in 2021. Should a member be deemed not to have retained their proficiency they will be required to take remedial training before competing. While we appreciate it is not the competitors fault that Covid-19 happened we have to put safety first.

Be safe and hope to see you on the range,