We had a bit of a hiccup in that this report did not get into the meeting package. While I am assembling a report on the Provincials, AGM, etc. look this one over.

Particularly if you want to take and RO, CRO or TCI Course. Additionally, if you are already a TCI, look that part over too. Contact me soon for any of these sessions, thanks.


IPSC BC has been a bee hive of activity since the last AGM July01.2017. Many subjects have been covered in my SC Report under the forums. If you read those in conjunction with this report, you will have a well rounded view of the last year.

Areas of activity:

National Range Officers Institute

  • Four RO Courses completed, two more scheduled, increased our officials by 35%
    • Made overlays to hand out to all ROs who needed them
    • Gave Rule Books to clubs and ROs who needed them
    • Worked with NROI to revamp RO Course materials and delivery
  • CRO Course planned for 2019 with Jim Smith of NROI attending
  • The recent IPSC Canada NEC meeting resolved to move NTO under the NROI umbrella and make both truly national after the NEC meeting in Toronto Dec02/03.2018

National Training Office

  • Training Course Instructor (TCI) Course planned utilizing a Train-the-Trainer module from previous years and is used in NS as well as other Sections
    • The criteria to attend will be published on our web pages
      • If you wish to become a TCI and meet the criteria, send your ZD and cc the SC of your interest
      • Tentative dates are Jan20/21, Feb23/24, Mar02/03 or Mar16/17.2019
    • Worked with NTO and updated the TC Open Book exam/answer sheet
      • Investigating methods to drive new students to TCI 
    • Planning a TCI two day weekend seminar of existing TCI to improve everyone’s skills and methods
      • Tentative dates are Feb23/24, Mar02/03 or Mar16/17.2019
      • The date will be premised on the TCI Seminar being completed
      • If you are a TCI, contact your ZD and cc the SC of the dates that work best for you


  • We held 23 Qualifiers and a Provincial Championships, one of which was Level 3 not 2
    • Already getting confirmed dates for the 2019 schedule which starts this September and a host for the 2019 Provincials, Port Coquitlam & District Hunting & Fishing Club


  • Solid financial management increased revenues by almost 50%
  • Increased financial support to our Teams after over 10 years


  • Membership growth of 4% from 640 to 666 currently including 180 new students
  • Restored status to the Kootenay Zone after a long hiatus 
  • Provided IPSC Canada membership cards which had been suspended for one year due to confusion of costs, supply source, etc.


  • Held monthly video BoD conference calls
  • Re-wrote a Policies & Procedures Manual to document how IPSC BC is managed
  • Held annual BoD meeting in the fall 
  • Coordination between our Membership Coordinator and Treasurer to improve financial tracking
  • More interaction among BoD members
  • SC attendance at all Qualifiers and Provincials
  • Immediate email response to inquiries

Constitution and Bylaws

  • Committee formed to review and prepare current version for AGM approval to meet government requirements of November 2018

Web page

  • Added Forums for 
    • International Matches
    • TCI Discussion
      • To begin sharing more information in order to improve class size and delivery
    • Rules Discussion
      • To distribute NROI rulings
      • Increase awareness of existing rules and use of same
    • Minutes from all meetings have been posted
    • Closed Forum for BoD members for motions that are easier to follow than emails


  • Developed IPSC BC caps in three colours with orders of approximately 36 pieces
  • Researching future items


  • IPSC Canada Nationals
    • 2019, Valcartier QC
      • 18-20 stages
      • 350 shooters
      • No cameras on this military base
      • 1 hr drive from Quebec City, 3 hr from Montreal
    • 2020, Dalhousie NB
    • 2021, Sharon, ON
    • New Rule Book in 2019
  • NEC will have a contract with Nationals host to insure standardization of services at Dec2018 meeting in Toronto
  • IPSC Canada RD election to be reheld due to error
  • New web page format and research paying a company to do it