For those who’ve expressed interest in going to the Pan Americans later this year we’ve been notified that the $400 USD match fee is non refundable. That means if you pay and can’t attend for any reason, border closed, further pandemic rules, any reason, you will not get your money back. As a result IPSC Canada NEC has decided to not pay for teams as the risk of losing tens of thousands of dollars is too great. If people decide to go they are taking on this risk themselves. We’ve made our objections to this known to IPSC world body, but don’t expect any changes.

Sean Hansen will be contacting everyone who applied to let them know they have to pay before February 10th if they wish to go. If you are still interested in attending please look for that email.





  1. “we’ve been notified that the $400 USD match fee is mom refundable.”
                    Glad to hear this is Mom Refundable. If only she would load my ammo too…
    I know, I know, let the haters start hating…

  2. I’d like to thank the Academy, er, I mean, spellcheck for changing “non” to “mom” and for the weird artifact of stuff I’d deleted still being there. 

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