Things are looking…. well, they are looking, lets leave it at that. And while we are looking, let’s all take a quick look at our membership cards that Mac got out last week and confirm that your Range Official status is correct. It seems the database transfer wasn’t as smooth as originally thought and some people are now listed as an RO who aren’t, or are listed as nothing and are in fact ROs or CROs, TCI etc. please let Mac know, , and he’ll sort out a new sticker for you.

For those looking forward to the World Shoot our global org has decided on June 30th as the drop dead date for calling the match. Currently Thailand says visitors will be allowed so long as they have proof of vaccination (of an approved vaccine, so no home brews) and $100,000.00 USD Covid insurance policy (apparently they are available at the airport and aren’t too pricey, we are waiting on more info). To top it all off the world body has also decided to run two main matches (yes we all know the rule book doesn’t allow for it) the first main match will be for “sponsors” and others that qualify to show up for what used to be the pre-match.

For our local matches, well, we all await the Good Doctor to allow us back to the conditions we were in the late fall, until then, there could be some Level 1s popping up here and there, so keep an eye out on your local club.


Edited to fix Mac’s name.