2021 has been a busy year for membership to date with record amount of renewals this early in the year. As of last week we were already over 700 active members paid for the 2021 season. I am working on fixing any issues as soon as they are brought up. There is no longer a form to be filled out, instead you all should have received an email with an invoice. If you have not received it yet and still need it please reach out to me and I will arrange to have the invoice to sent to you.

I am behind on sending membership cards out, I am looking for a replacement printer and waiting for a new supply of cards to arrive from IPSC Canada. Once I receive them I will start the assembly line to get all the cards out as soon as possible to everyone.

Zone Members


Island 81

MV 266

FV 156

KO 12

OK 103

No 87

Total 704


Mac Corrie

Membership Coordinator