As many have already seen the World Shoot for 2021 has been moved to 2022, refunds are available, however if you ask for one you will not be able to get a slot later for this match, even if it’s moved again, unless there are slots available. It will be a whole new selection process for you once you request that refund. Pan Americans are also moved to 2022, and no refunds are available for that, as was specified in the match signup.

Matches are now opening, please check the calendar! I expect them to sell out soon. Make sure you are subscribed to the Match Announcement Forum as well.

We have our new Covid protocols which are included here and are shared on the website under member resources. IPSC BC COVID Protocols 2021-06 These rules will be revised constantly as the PHO is changed. So please check back after the new PHO is announced. It will take a few days for us to get a new document done up however.

Many members have unfortunately not been able to complete their Black Badge within the 1 year requirement (taken in early 2020 and before) due to Covid 19 interrupting our 2020 and 2021 season. If you are such a member you can attend an approved Level I, or take the recertification course through a Black Badge instructor or an approved CRO in order to complete your Black Badge and be able to register for a Level II competition. If you sign up and have not completed the necessary steps you will not be allowed to enter the match. This recertification is a shortened version of the practical elements of your Black Badge course.  There is no cost to the student for this course other than possible range fees at the facility you attend to complete the recertification. The checklist that you will be expected to pass is here: Recertification

If you have stale dated as a member, more than 2 years since your last competition (excluding 2020) you will be required to retake the Black Badge course. Please contact a Black Badge instructor to arrange to do so.

I will be sending out emails to everyone in these groups to advise them of their status as of June 16th. Please check your inbox and spam for this email.

If you are unsure of your status you can email me,


See you soon at match near you!!