1. I understand BB courses have and can resume. Is there anywhere a template of protocols that I could bring to our clubs BoD, that would convince them to allow a BB course at our club?

  2. The wording I highlighted in orange seems like it was written incorrectly ?
    “A shooting Range may consist of one or more Stages. Only one Stage will be active at any one time on any given Range. Each Range is physically isolated from the others, for safety reasons. Physical distancing within a Range is straight forward, and necessary for Firearms safety. The stages within a range will be operated by only one group of Range Staff”


  3. Jay @ipschdc, some of the terms came from ViaSport, the definitions in the document were added for some clarification.
    The text you highlighted reads correctly:

    A match is conducted at a shooting facility consisting of a number of ranges.
    Each range may have one or more stages. Only one stage will be active at a time, on any given range.
    Each range at the facility is physically distanced from the other ranges.


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