Minutes for the January 2021 meeting are posted in the forum now.

We would like our members to update their Practiscore profiles, and under the “Titles” section add in if they are range officials, RM, CRO, RO. This will help us with future squading that we are working on PS with.

The June 5-6th dates with matches in Kamloops and Victoria will stay as they are as both clubs can’t move their matches to other dates due to other events at their facilities.

We are still waiting on the PHO to get changed to a point that will allow us to hold matches. Currently matches just are not possible and we do not know when the first ones will be held. Match directors are free to open registration for their matches now, or wait, we would suggest that they wait to take money however. During the meeting tonight it was approved that match directors are free to accept money at any point before, during or even after the match, if it is held, and IPSC BC would assist clubs in getting money from registered shooters who have not paid after the match has happened.

We will be publishing our Covid guidelines shortly, MDs and TCIs will get it first, and after we review feedback it will be posted to the website.

Black badge students that did not get to complete their BBs last year will be able to achieve certification at a Level 1 match, if any are held. We will also be creating a list of people who need to be re-evaluated due to being unable to complete their BB and too long a period of time has transpired since they took their course. IPSC BC will cover the instructor’s fee for them to be re-evaluated.

We are looking for a programmer to work with our Webmaster to add some functionality to the website that we couldn’t port over from the old one. If you are familiar with coding for sites done with WordPress, please contact and Geoff can let you know more about what we need.