We have discovered several errors in our membership database relating to Last Match Shot for some of our members. This could capture people who did in fact shoot a match after their Black Badge from 2018 or even members who had only shot one match in 2019. If you received the email from me saying you might be stale dated and need to either retake your Black Badge or recertify, in error. Please email me and let me know. If you did not receive the email, please do not email me, you are good to go.




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  1. The use of the term ‘re-certification’ relating to Black Badge students, when the term is already being used in our Policy and Procedures, has created some confusion.   At the next BOD meeting this can be addressed, although I’m hopeful that as the restrictions are lifted, things might return to more normal activities.  
    In the interim, I’ll try to provide some clarification.   As Rob indicated there have been issues with the migration of our membership database and I am not sure who received letters.  The ‘re-certification’ process that has been discussed for the past few months (with the forms posted to the TCI resource site on June 4) relates only to BB students.
    The BOD recognized without matches (as a result of COVID restrictions) BB students that had previously completed the training course would be unable to complete a level II match within the one year time frame.   In May 2020 the BOD granted a blanket extension to all BB students who’s one year had not yet lapsed; requiring though an assessment (re-certification) prior to competing in a Level II match.   A Level I match (meeting the published Level II parameters) however was allowed to be used as a course completion match. 
    For BB Students:

    If the match is within one year of the BB Training Course – NO re-certification is required.
    If the match is more than one year since the BB Training Course and the course date is after May 1, 2019 – Re-certification is required.
    If the BB training course was taken prior to May 1, 2019 and a Level II match has not been completed – the BB Training Course needs to be retaken.

    For inactive members (other than BB Students) please review the IPSC BC 2021 Policy and Procedures, section 4.   As a result of COVID the BOD has waived the participation requirements for 2020.   The 2020 year does not count for calculation of the parameters in section 4.  

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