What do I need to submit a motion?

You will, of course, need a mover and a seconder.  Additionally, both mover and seconder must be current members of IPSCBC and you must know their IPSCBC membership numbers.  You will also need an actual motion to submit as well as an accompanying commentary describing the reasoning behind the motion as well as any supporting statements.  I strongly recommend writing up your motion beforehand so you can copy/paste your motion and commentary


  • Minors may not move or second a motion.

  • Movers and seconders may NOT have the same email address


How do I submit my motion?

Login to the IPSCBC Website and follow the links from Member Resources > AGM Motions. You will be presented with a form where you can enter in all of your relevant information.  You can also get there by following the link: http://www.ipscbc.com/index.php/member-resources/agm-motions or http://goo.gl/wD1lQE, but you will need to be logged in.  Enter in your required information and click the Submit button.



Mover and seconder must verify that they are the individuals who are putting forward the motion. Additionally, both mover and seconder must be present at the AGM.

Both mover and seconder will receive an email from IPSCBC, sent to the email address that we have on file.  The email will contain a link.  Following the link will confirm their willingness to move/second the motion.  If you do not receive your email within 24 hours, please contact the IPSCBC Webmaster at .


How do I know my motion has been received?

Once mover and seconder have both clicked on their confirmation link, the motion will be sent to the Board of Directors and the AGM Motions Committee Chairperson. You will receive a confirmation email that your motion has been submitted.


What if too many people submit motions?

There is a very real possibility that this online form will result in too many motions to be discussed within the timeframe of the AGM.  If such a case arises, the Motions Committee will prioritize the motions, placing greater priority on motions that are most relevant to a general vote by the membership.  The remaining motions will not be forgotten, but will be tabled for the Board of Directors to discuss at a later date.

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